Ceramic Network, the major event in the ceramic sector.

Join us for THE international business convention on industrial ceramics.

Ceramic Network : 9th edition

Ceramic Network is organized by the “Pôle Européen de la Céramique” (the European Cluster of Ceramics).

Every 3 years, attendees can take part in BtoB meetings, thematic conferences and site visits. They will also find new partnership opportunities as well as discover innovations and new applications for ceramics.

Ceramic Network is THE major French event of the ceramic industry.

Ceramic Network

The event


Thanks to our matchmaking platform, develop your network of partners with a meeting schedule of up to 33 targeted 25-minute appointments as well as premium networking opportunities.
A month prior to the event, you will be able to start identifying other attendees, based on their skills, technology and needs, providing the perfect context for optimal targeting and generating real prospects.


Throughout the 3 days of Ceramic Network, 30-minute conferences are organized in parallel to the B to B meetings.
The European Cluster of Ceramics as well as other experts from different sectors will give lectures on new uses and applications of ceramics (innovative processes, innovations by sectors, …), helping attendees to understand and exchange on the latest ceramic technological innovations and market development.


In parallel to B to B meetings and conferences, Ceramic Network gives you the opportunity to visit some of the most innovative companies as well as research and technological centers of Limoges’ ceramics ecosystem. Site visits are a great way of discovering these organizations’ skills, activities, technologies as well as their latest developments.
In 2023, attendees had the opportunity to visit: 3DCERAM; 3D MINERALS; BIOPYTHOS; CERINNOV; CITRA (Center for Engineering in Coatings and Advanced Surface Treatments); CTMNC (Technical Center for Natural Building Materials); CTTC (The Center for Technology Transfers in Ceramics); DMG MORI; I.CERAM and IRCER (Ceramics Research Institute).
Ceramic Network : The 8th edition key figures
Ceramic Network

The European
Cluster of Ceramics

“Le Pôle Européen de la Céramique” (The European Cluster of Ceramics) is the unique competitiveness cluster dedicated to ceramics and has been labelled since 2005. Its offices are based in Limoges and Toulouse.
One of the top experts in ceramics in Europe, the Cluster is also a network of over 180 regional, national, European and international members, from researchers, industrial companies, technology and training centers.
The Cluster’s mission is to boost and promote the activity of the ceramics sector by assisting with innovative project developments, with the active support of the Cluster’s engineering team; by increasing its members visibility through networking events and promotional activities; and finally by assisting in developing members’ business on a European as well as international scale.
The Cluster’s action plan relies on the following 6 strategic business fields:
Ceramic Network : Aeronautics and Space
Ceramic Network : Defence
Ceramic Network : Electronics and Photonics
Ceramic Network : Energy
Ceramic Network : Health
Ceramic Network : Luxury, Creation and Crafts

The Cluster’s main office is based in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the first French region in ornamental and tableware ceramics as well as France’s leading region in R&D, the cluster’s offices are located in the heart of an innovation ecosystem: Ester Technopole and its 300 workers in research, training and technological transfer.

Ceramic Network : Ester Technopole
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